The Dining Room at True South

Private Dining is the perfect way to turn a special occasion into a memeroable dining experience.


  • Ground Floor
  • Private Bar
  • Choice of Music & Speeches
  • Cocktail or Formal Dining
  • Separate entrance available
  • 50 Person Capacity
  • Room Styling

Located on the ground floor, The Dining Room takes up the entire back section of the restaurant. It is a multifaceted space ideal for group dining and cocktail parties. It boasts a private bar, kitchen views and wrap around glass windows, providing noise protection, without taking away from the atmosphere.

A benefit of The Dining Room is that it’s design allows you to select your own music to run through the sound system. Tailor your playlist to suit the occasion and match your celebration in the comfort of a private space. The glass windows encasing The Dining Room allow your guests to see out to the restaurant, so they do not miss out on the True South atmosphere and excitement during their dining experience.

The room can be set up to be used for formal or informal dining, for 30 seated guests for a meal, with a ‘welcome’ gathering area. Alternatively, the tables can be cleared and the room set for a Cocktail Party for up to 40 people, with Canapés, private bar access, bench seating and high tables.


The space can also be decorated to your liking, and the events team can assist you in ordering & styling the room to ensure your event is looks incredible.

Whether you are booking a Birthday, Engagement Party, Product Launch, Media Event, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower or more, private dining at True South is the way to go.

To book The Dining Room, please contact Bianca directly.

Bianca  |  Tel: 0487 893 480  |  Email: bianca@truesouth.com.au